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  • Mark and Jay Duplass Want to Produce Your Movie

    July 2nd, 2017

    From IndieWire It’s a match made in indie film heaven — filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass, along with Seed&Spark, the film-focused crowdfunding platform with built-in distribution, has announced a brand new initiative designed to find and bolster new filmmaking talent all over the country. The newly announced Hometown Heroes partnership is designed to challenge “filmmakers from all over the country to tell stories that have never been told from wherever they are.” The rally is…

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  • Announcing Film Birmingham

    June 8th, 2017

    Buddy Palmer, President & CEO of Create Birmingham, is proud to announce the official launch of Film Birmingham, a new initiative that will serve as the front door for film production in Greater Birmingham. For incoming film projects, we are a locations guide, a referral center for crew and other production resources, and a liaison to various municipal agencies and regional communities. For the local film community, we strive to support the work of the artists,…

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  • Let There Be Light Trailer

    June 7th, 2017

    Be sure to check out the new official trailer for the film, shot locally in 2016. Let There Be Light was Film Birmingham’s first major recruitment effort and is expected to be released in December, with a special screening in Birmingham.

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