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Film Birmingham is an initiative of Create Birmingham and serves as the film office for the Greater Birmingham region. We’re on your team as a one-stop shop for incredible locations, a talented and enthusiastic crew base, across-the-spectrum resources, and incentive and permitting information.

A qualified production company may be eligible to receive a rebate from the State of Alabama for a portion of the expenditures incurred for production activity. The amount of the rebate equals 25% of certain production expenses plus 35% of payroll paid to Alabama residents.

Recent News

  • Crew for Feature Film LIVE

    March 14, 2018

    Union feature titled LIVE will be filming in Birmingham, AL in May and is now accepting resumes for crew. Please send a PDF of your resume to A call for extras and cast will be posted later, so please do not send casting requests here. More about the film: Shot in real time, the script follows disgraced cop Kyle Penny on his hunt to rescue…

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    February 28, 2018

    Joi Tribble, the Sidewalk Shorts Program Director, will be celebrating her twelfth year as part of the Sidewalk Film Festival team in 2018, along with the Festival’s 20th anniversary. The Birmingham native and Samford University graduate, who is already hard at work screening short film submissions with her colleagues, shared her insights on the selection process and Sidewalk’s role in the community with Create Birmingham…

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  • Crew for Feature Film

    January 23, 2018

    An incoming production company has placed a call for crew positions in all departments. Resumes are currently being accepted for work on the feature film, which will be shooting in the Birmingham area from February 22 until March 14. An accounting clerk position will be filled immediately. Submit crew resumes…

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  • Mark and Jay Duplass Want to Produce Your Movie

    July 02, 2017

    From IndieWire It’s a match made in indie film heaven — filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass, along with Seed&Spark, the film-focused crowdfunding platform with built-in distribution, has announced a brand new initiative designed to find and bolster new filmmaking talent all over the country. The newly announced Hometown Heroes partnership…

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